Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bar 33/45

This is one of my favorites bars in Barcelona. Why?? It has a bunch of comfortable sofas (mostly full of groups) and the 'enviroment' is really nice. Plus it's a good place to bring a girl, but not on a first date...
I don't really know why but it's always full of foreigners, or as we say in Barcelona 'guiris'.

aaaa and there's free wifi.

ps. Try the 'Desperados' beer


Friday, November 15, 2013

I know... I've been busy with uni, soon I am gonna post a new restaurant, pasta!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

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 La ruta dels abeuradors del poble-sec

As I promise here comes the 'tapas' route:

Every Thursday, between 19-23 h, you should go to Poble-sec (a really nice Barcelona's neighborhood). A bunch of restaurants offered one 'tapa' and a beer for just 2 €. 17 bars are subscribed, such as La Soleá, la Saltó, bar Rufián, taverna Koska, Patán, etc. Plus, the 10% income of every first Thursday goes to a neighborhood' s ONG.

We went to la Boheme, Patán and Blai tonight (not subscribed)

La Boheme

A friendly bar without wifi. We ate montadito de crema de puerro (leek cream)

El Patán

We had a tapa of salad with tuna, caper and black olives. Then out out the special Thursday offer we had a extremely delicious croquetas de chorizo picante de León (croquette of highly spiced pork sausage).

Blai tonight

This bar is not subscribed to the Thursday' offer. But u can have any tapa u see for just one €.  I had, in order of appearance, cranc gamba i caviar (crab, prawn and caviar), tomato and brie, patata pochada con uevo y pimento verde (cooked potato with egg and green pepper) which I highly recommend


The special offer of Thursdays nights is not so special. All the tapas of that offer are made from vegetables. My opinion is that u can eat some tapas of that offer and later go to Blai tonight, but don't expect a really tasty 'tapas' for a reasonable price of 1 €

It's a good choice if u wanna have a bunch of tapas for a really cheap price.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Els tres porquets

What we ordered:

  1. Calamarcitos (small cuttlefish)
  2. Papas arrugás
  3. Pulpo crujiente  (crispy octopus)
  4. Croquetas de chorizo con camembert y miel (croquette with
    camembert cheese and honey)
  5. Huevos estrellados con jamón (starred eggs with jam)
  6. Ou d'anec amb bolets i foie ( duck egg with mushrooms and foie)
  7. Gelat de flam de formatge amb carmel (flam ice cream with cheese and caramel)

It has free wifi, the service is fast and friendly. Plus the food is delicious, I strongly recommend to order the duck egg with mushrooms and foie and the ice cream.
On the other hand this restaurant is extremely overpriced and u can find restaurants as good as this in Barcelona for less money. Don't go there unless u are not paying the bill

ps. Special thanks to my dad for paying the bill

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Soon I am gonna post a new 'review' from restaurants. This time is gonna be a tapas route!!