Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Els tres porquets

What we ordered:

  1. Calamarcitos (small cuttlefish)
  2. Papas arrugás
  3. Pulpo crujiente  (crispy octopus)
  4. Croquetas de chorizo con camembert y miel (croquette with
    camembert cheese and honey)
  5. Huevos estrellados con jamón (starred eggs with jam)
  6. Ou d'anec amb bolets i foie ( duck egg with mushrooms and foie)
  7. Gelat de flam de formatge amb carmel (flam ice cream with cheese and caramel)

It has free wifi, the service is fast and friendly. Plus the food is delicious, I strongly recommend to order the duck egg with mushrooms and foie and the ice cream.
On the other hand this restaurant is extremely overpriced and u can find restaurants as good as this in Barcelona for less money. Don't go there unless u are not paying the bill

ps. Special thanks to my dad for paying the bill

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